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Benefits of Serial Number Tracking for Optical Retail Stores

As a retail optical owner, optician, or Optometrist, you understand the importance of tracking frames from order to sale. The challenge lies in finding a software solution that will make it easy for you to keep tabs on every frame you have in inventory. That’s why Eye Cloud Pro’s serial number tracking is such an invaluable tool. By using serial numbers, your store can create a “fingerprint” for each frame, allowing you to track its progress through every stage of its life cycle. Discover how serial number tracking software can help make your optical retail store more efficient and profitable.

The Benefits of Serial Number Tracking Software For Optical Retail Stores

Serial number tracking software provides numerous benefits for optical retail stores. First, this type of software can help you keep better track of inventory and save time and money. With automated serial number tracking, it’s easy to monitor frame stock levels, order new frames when necessary, and manage customer orders. This means that you can operate your store more efficiently and boost sales by ensuring that your customers always have access to the frames they need.

What Makes Eye Cloud Pro’s Serial Number Tracking System Unique?

  1. Our frames are unique in that each one is assigned an individual identifier, even if they are identical. Unlike traditional frames, which typically have the same serial number based on manufacturer, model, size, and color.
  2. The inventory is dated and includes a time stamp indicating when and by whom the frame was received.
  3. The inventory is dated and includes a time stamp indicating when and by whom the frame was sold.
  4. By tracking sales data, you can determine the popularity of a frame and make informed decisions about whether to reorder or return it for credit if it's not selling.

Automate Your Optical Retail Store with Serial Number Tracking Software

Another powerful advantage of serial number tracking software is its ability to automate the process to assure that you can process orders quickly and accurately. This helps streamline operations at your optical store and ensures that customers are getting exactly what they ordered in a timely manner. Additionally, this type of software makes it easier to track warranties on frames or run customer loyalty programs, as all relevant information is stored within the system.


Serial number tracking unlocks the power of efficiency, cost-savings, improved customer service, and accurate inventory management for any optical retail store. With the right solution in place, you can ensure that every frame is tracked from order through sale—not only saving time but also driving more sales during busy periods when demand is high! 

Learn more about Eye Cloud Pro’s unique serial tracking numbers and how they can help you keep track of your frame inventory.