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Now Available: Eye Cloud Pro Enhances E-Prescribe Capabilities

At Eye Cloud Pro, we're excited to announce a significant leap forward with our seamless integration of Surescripts E-Prescribe capabilities.

E-Prescribe empowers eye care providers to seamlessly handle prescriptions in a safe, secure, and efficient way directly within the Eye Cloud Pro platform. Eye Cloud Pro clients using E-Prescribe can accelerate prescription processing, ensuring a reliable, and accurate communication channel with pharmacists.

Today, we are pleased to introduce the latest milestones and aspirations of Eye Cloud Pro, poised to make your prescribing experience easier than ever with new enhancements to our E-Prescribing capabilities:


Medication History

Now Eye Cloud Pro users can easily access the past 12 months of patient medication history directly from pharmacy benefit managers and pharmacies. Forget relying on patient recollection—now your staff can access prescriber details, last fill dates, and sig information effortlessly.



Introducing real-time formulary coverage information directly through Eye Cloud Pro. At the point of care, providers can now evaluate medication affordability and effectiveness instantly – talk about enhanced patient care.


Get insights into coverage details, benefit restrictions, and formulary tier information within the e-Prescribe workflow, helping providers make informed decisions with the most cost-effective medications in mind.

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